Try Google Website Optimizer For Better Results

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Try Google Website Optimizer For Better Results

If you are thinking about making some changes to your Website, but worry about the risks involved then you should checkout Google’s Website Optimizer.

Google Website Optimizer is a free testing platform and optimization tool that allows you to try out different variations of your sites content simultaneously.

Incoming traffic to you site is automatically divided so each variation of a Web page you want to test receives the same amount of visitors. Website Optimizer then determines via tracking which Web page is the best at generating conversions. The best thing about it is it’s available for free.

Google offers a number of reasons to use its Website Optimizer. It says it’s possible to increase conversions and receive a higher return on investment while still maintaining the same amount of visitors.

The Website Optimizer avoids the issue of having to guess what works best on your site by providing practical data, allowing you to make better decisions to improve your site.

It also can improve landing pages via automated testing making it easy to do changes that improve your Web pages.

Google says the Website Optimizer is easy to use and if you have what you want to test prepared you can set it up in less than 10 minutes.

Google also has launched a Google Website Optimizer channel on YouTube. It offers a number of helpful videos for testing and optimizing your Website.

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