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Google Launches Website Translator Gadget

Google has introduced a new tool aimed at helping webmasters expand their global audience. The company has introduced a new website translator gadget powered by Google Translate that allows webmasters to make their site’s content available in 51 languages. When Internet users visit a website and if their language is different than the language on […]

10 Web Search Engine Ranking Tips to Improve Traffic Conversions

It’s a fact that if your product or service is not appearing in the top 10 SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) used to find your site, then your competition is there taking all the hits. SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques are not rocket science; they can be implemented by anyone requiring increasing the exposure […]

Styling HTML Submit Buttons

Lately I have been coding few website including many HTML forms and I found out that various browsers will render HTML submit button quite differently. I will show you how to properly style submit buttons in order to achieve a very similar look in all major browsers. First, bellow is a basic HTML submit button markup. […]

Opera 9.5 First Impressions

The newest version of the Opera browser has been around for few days now but somehow I didn’t have any reason to upgrade. I was completely satisfied with my installed version 9.27. It worked like a charm and I didn’t encounter a single problem with it while using it for months. Yesterday, I have finally decided to download the Opera 9.5 and give it a try. I have heard a lot of conflicting opinions on it lately, so I was curious to find out whether it really is so good (or so bad). […]

Clear Input Field When Selected

If you have tried searching for something on our blog, you might have noticed an interesting little thing. Once you click on the search input field, it clears up. Then, once you deselect it, it fills up with the default value again. This useful effect can be achieved with a very simple JavaScript code (containing just two short functions). Here it goes […]

Web Standards Are Still Important

There is a lot of heated discussion amongst web designers and developers about web standards, their meaning and importance. Some people say they are used mainly to show off that you really master HTML and CSS. Some people say web standards have already been talked about for too long, everything about them have already been written down and they have been already been accepted by a majority of designers and developers. […]