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Google Makes It Simpler To Submit Sitemaps

Google has announced that it has made it easier for webmasters to submit a Sitemap. Sitemap submission will not require webmasters to say what kind of file type they are submitting because Google says it will determine that type of data. The Google Webmaster Central Blog details the Sitemap files it supports: XML Sitemap files […]

Forty Million Americans Contribute To Social Networks

People are spending more of their online time communicating and social networking sites are helping to drive this trend according to a new report from Netpop Research. Forty million Americans with broadband connections now contribute regularly on social networking sites. The majority (76%) of broadband users are active contributors online via social media. Among social […]

New Portal Gives Social Network Users The Power

A Brazilian based start-up called has launched its portal in the United States and allows social network users to connect to multiple profiles without having to navigate from site to site. Users can join by registering their social profiles at Their Power start page displays all of their friends, messages, and content from […]